IMPORTANT NOTICE: To enable you to better understand how we collect, use and share your information, our privacy policy has been updated. The scope of our Privacy Policy do expanded to include offline information collection and adds more detailed information collected automatically. If you wish to obtain a copy of all the updates, you can contact us through the "contact us" the way one.

Vine Fitness Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (hereinafter "Privacy Policy") describes the Vine Fitness (hereinafter referred to as "Vine") how to collect information about you, how to use and share your information, and your choices. 


This Privacy Policy applies to or on behalf of Vine Vine (see below "The information we collect" a) by publishing a link to this Privacy Policy or its websites, mobile applications and online service or program (our "Online Services"), etc. the information collected about you. Unless otherwise indicated, and the "Vine" referred to in this Privacy Policy, "we" or "our" refers Vine Fitness. This privacy policy does not apply to an independent third party of any of our affiliates, or other companies Vine Vine authorized dealer.

Links to third-party websites and social media platforms

Our online services may contain links to other companies Vine, Vine links authorized dealer or other third-party websites as well as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or WeChat and other social media platforms (collectively, "Linked Sites") of. Vine privacy policies or practices of linked sites does not bear any responsibility. We recommend that you carefully read each link you visit the site's privacy policy.

Overseas Chinese

Our online services only to the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "China", only for the purpose of this clause, excluding Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan) to provide users within. If you are located outside of China, please return to, and use the drop-down box to find users of the site in your area, but please do not use our online services, because the terms of relevant information and practices in this privacy policy may not meet foreign law or region. By using our online services, you agree to and in accordance with applicable Chinese law to use and disclose your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The information we collect

This privacy policy mentioned in the "personal information" refers to information used to identify a specific individual, such as name, email address, telephone number, driver's license number or credit card number. Personal information and other information can not be used to identify a specific individual referred to as "information."

Vine and its third party service providers to collect information about you from a variety of sources, including the personal information you provide to us directly, as well as information we collect about you when you visit and use our online services. We'll also Vine authorized dealers collect your personal information. We can bring together all the information about you and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

 You provide us with information. We collect personal information in the following cases:

When you sign up for online services login Vine;

You authorize us or an independent dealer Vine and when ordering any of our products or services / or purchase;

When you sign up for any Vine activities or projects, including the Vine Travel Club, Vine driving school network special events, and / or participate in any activities, projects, contests, surveys or other promotional activities we regularly offer (hereinafter referred to as "active");

When you subscribe Vine promotional materials, newsletter or other communications;

You contact us or when communicating;

You ask us to provide information;

You start or complete a job application when Vine;

When you visit or use third-party social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or micro letter, hereinafter referred to as "social media sites") on Vine pages or accounts;

When you provide to us or to submit comments, suggestions, experience or other content; and / or

Otherwise with us and our online service interacts.

Information gathered automatically

Cookies: Cookies are small text files stored on your browser to enable us to further understand the situation you visit or use our online services. We may use cookies to keep track of your personal information (including your registration information) and track your use of our online service over a period of time the situation. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can choose to set your browser to accept or reject cookies. Each browser is different, so please check your browser's "Help" menu to learn how to change your cookie options. You can also learn more about the following Web site cookies:


About the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser:,

About the Mozilla Firefox browser: http: // \

About the Safari browser:; and / or

Analysis Information: We may use a third-party analysis tools such as Google Analytics, to help us measuring views and usage trends of our online services. These tools collect information about your browser or mobile device sends information, including web pages you visit, and other information to help us improve our online services. We collect and use information in aggregate form analysis.


Log File Information: The log file information is automatically provided by your browser or mobile device every time you visit our online service. When you visit our online service, the server automatically record certain log file information, such as your web request, IP address, browser type, entry / exit pages and URL, interactive clicks and your links to the site, domain name, the login page, viewed web pages and other information.


Net image file / web beacons: When you use our online services, we may use net image files (also known as web beacons) for anonymous tracking your online usage patterns. In addition, we may also use the image files to us net users to send HTML-formatted e-mail messages to track which emails are opened and which links are the recipient clicks. This information helps to more accurately report on and improve our online services.


Location Data: When you visit our online service through a mobile device, we may access, collect, monitor and / or remote storage of information on your mobile device and real-time "location data", which may include GPS coordinates. Location data allows us to understand how you browse and use our online services. You can adjust access to your mobile device to opt out allows us to access your location data, but if the location data with restricted or prohibited, the online service of some features may not work properly.


Information we obtain from third parties: We may obtain information about you from third parties. For example, if you connect through a third party or login (for example, through Facebook or Twitter) to access our online services that third parties may provide us with information about your use of their service information. We may also receive your authorized dealer to Vine, our affiliates or Vine Club information provided. We may also be obtained from commercial or public way your information, such as change of address, contact or demographic information.


How do we use your information

We use your information, including personal information, based on the following commercial purposes, including:


Provide you with our products and services;

On Vine, its products and services as well as activities to communicate with you;

Vine customize your experience;

Create and manage your online Vine Login Register;

Respond to your inquiries, comments or posting;

Manage our activities;

Improve and tailor our online services;

Internal management, including raising the quality of our products and services, marketing, and conduct research and analysis;

Develop new products and services;

Processing payments;

Investigation or inquiry and resolve disputes;

For marketing purposes;

Terms and conditions for the implementation of the site; and / or

Protect the security and integrity of Vine and online business services.

You use your information for our selection

Vine may contact the company or its products, services or events you and provide you with information and invitations, you have the right to refuse to receive such information. You can "contact us" the contents of a contact Follow us and let us know your preferences and market requirements removed from marketing lists. You can also ask your personal information will not be used as part of marketing and customer care programs be shared with independent Vine authorized dealer (but you should be aware of these dealers will collect personal data directly).


In addition, our online service allows you to communicate us your preference for the following markets (or other content of our online services of special note):


When you register to become Vine online service user, you will have the right to choose whether to receive promotional emails from the Vine. Each message we send you promotional emails exit mechanism will be provided for you so that you can unsubscribe promotional messages.

By entering user information "Vine Login" under the online service platform, you can update our database your personal information or change your marketing preferences.

Whether registered as Vine online service users, subscribed Vine any promotional materials or information provided by the user can such promotional materials or information link or update your preference on the online service platform to unsubscribe.

You may click the "Contact Us" section in the contact us and we will ask questions or concerns about the privacy practices, including requiring us to update or correct your personal information. Even if you choose not to receive promotional e-mail or mail Vine, we will order a product recall or other matters trading purposes and continue to use your personal information to contact you.


How do we share your information

Vine is not for marketing purposes and your personal information will be sold or rented to third parties.


In the following cases we will share and disclose your personal information:


Our behalf to provide various services (including the development of online services, maintenance and support services, payment processing services, communications services and market research and analysis services) provided by third parties;

And to an independent Vine authorized dealers based customer care and marketing purposes;

Based promotion and other purposes available to members of the Group;

For event management;

In order to comply with the law, the court or other legal requirements or comply with legal requirements of the investigation;

When necessary, in order to protect Vine, its affiliates, authorized dealers, and their respective employees, customers, visitors, users or other rights and interests of the individual or entity;

In order to perform any applicable terms and conditions and other agreements;

The company carried out the transaction (such as a merger, reorganization or merger), your personal information may be transferred to the acquiring firm;

In aggregate form or other non-personally identifiable form; and / or

According to your consent.

If you want to deny any sharing of data described in this section, please "contact us" said a content according to the following contact us.