Brand history:

Vine, a sports brand from the United States, origin, a group of sports enthusiasts dream.. 2015 Vine chose China, with the movement to pass the happy, with a dream to join the world, beyond the self, to meet the challenges.

Products and services: 

Vine brand is committed to creating a well-known international, domestic leading private fitness, health partners, for the majority of fitness enthusiasts to provide equipment, courses and a set of fitness services. Vine brand product category rich, covering stretching, weight, balance, core training, rehabilitation therapy, Yoga Pilates and other series, to meet the needs of all types of fitness, favored by the vast number of fitness instructor and students, all kinds of fitness enthusiasts love.

Brand culture:

Vine, from the vine of Italy, climbing up, stretching thousands of miles, all gives the meaning of life. Red, young and romantic, enthusiastic and bold and unrestrained; black, dignified, elegant calm and restrained; red and black encounter, the lines between the impact of life color. Rough lines, fast rhythm of the moment, Vine convinced that life is more than the movement of interest.